Christopher Petruzzi

Graphic Designer New Jersey

I’m a Graphic Designer from NJ who has an unhealthy obsession with Video Games and Movies.

Welcome to, the home of Chris Petruzzi (also known as Truz). I am a working graphic designer living in the NY/NJ area. In my younger days I was always fascinated with computers and visual media. As I grew older that fascination turned into my passion, and pushed me towards the world of graphic design. In 2007 I graduated from Seton Hall University as a major in Graphic Design with a minor in Advertising Art.

Right after college, I was hired as a full-time graphic designer for Seton Hall, and have been doing what I love ever since. In the spring of 2013, I finished studies for my Masters in Business Administration in Marketing at Seton Hall University. The MBA program has helped bolster my design background with a business and marketing perspective not typically held by other creative professionals.

I am currently the Manager for User Interface and Multimedia at Seton Hall University, and manage the Digital Media team. This team consists of a team of four creative professionals who work on graphic design, web design, and video production.

In addition to my full time work, I also manage a bevy of freelance projects both in graphic design and video production. Whatever the project, Truzweb Design can provide the creative talent and marketing insight to get the job done.


Manager, User Interface and Multimedia

Seton Hall University

Manager for UI & Multimedia, responsible for the design of the end user environment and interface of content system templates and associated multimedia, interfacing with other constituents of the University Community to ensure optimum user experience.

Graphic Designer

Seton Hall University

Graphic Designer as part of the Digital Media team at Seton Hall University. 
Responsible for print and web based design as well as video production for the University and it’s various organizations. In addition to Design duties, I am also responsible for the management of a team of Student Technology 
Assistants who provide creative services and tech support for the University community.


Seton Hall University

Master of Business Administration; Marketing

M.B.A. in marketing

Seton Hall University

Bachelor of Arts Communication

Bachelor of Arts Communication
Minor in Advertising Art
Certificate in Web Design


photoshop image editing print design video production user experience


photoshop indesign photography video editing illustrator